Occupational Health and Safety

Maximum attention in occupational health and safety is the basic step of our strategy. Our policy is to show “zero tolerance” to occupational diseases and accidents. Our experienced team is aware of the importance of occupational health and safety and is dedicated to reflecting safety at every stage of our work.

Environmental Policy

We care about nature, people and future generations with our sustainable mining practices. We give the highest priority to the environment at all stages of your project, from the planning to the final delivery. We bring our sensitivity to green into our office, and we instill this culture in all our employees. With our expert engineers, we pay maximum attention to energy and material efficiency in your projects. Thanks to our sustainable policy developed according to the requirements of our world, we are proud to be a green mining company.

Quality Policy

  • Increasing our sales by expanding the customer portfolio, Increasing company efficiency and capacity utilization rates,
  • To increase the satisfaction of our customers with the allocation of sufficient resources by basing our understanding of quality on the basis of science,
  • To meet customer requests by complying with all legal rules and standards related to our field of activity,
  • To create a safe work environment that minimizes work accidents, To control, review and continuously improve the effectiveness of management systems.